Bongz Advance World 


Entertainment And Productions 


Mr. Bongani Ralebona Is the CEO and founder of Bongz Advance World founded the company in 2016 after completing his Music diploma in 2015. As a young professional musician, he was privileged enough to work with the legendary artist Mandoza, on his last single 'Ase Mang Le Mang' which he performed at Orlando stadium. Mr. Bongani also worked with people like Jonathan Shaw who is an expert in the music business and also has his book, the South African Music Business and has recently released a 3rd edition, and has also worked with the Universal Gospel Choir which is the choir of one of the biggest churches in the world.

Bongz The Pianist

South Alkebulan is a band which was founded by Mr. Bongani in 2016 months after he founded the company, today the band and other artist which are managed by the company like TrailMusic and Nelah have managed to perform in various big venues in SA. The most famous words of Mr. Bongani are “I will not sleep till every raw talent is purified “that is his motto that keeps him and the company moving. 

CEO and Founder

Bongani Ralebona