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Bongz Advance World 


Bongz Advance World is an Entertainment and Productions company that seeks to mend the gap in between the up-coming artist and commercial space. We pride ourselves into turning rough diamonds to South African best stars. Ours is to give support, direction, branding, and musical mentoring to up-coming artist.


We are driven by talent and hard work that is because the price of hard work is success and dedication. We are proud to be a warm home of the following artists, South Alkebulan, Trailmusic and Nelah who have performed in the following stages and venues, Soweto Theater, Joburg Theater, Sphere Monk, Nikki's Jazz Resturant, Blomplek, Sawubona Music Jam just to mention few.


We offer artist recording deals and management, the company also does events such corporate events, church functions and galas just to name few. Bongz Advance World where entertainment is more than just fun but it creates memories, talent shall remain just talent with no hardwork but being part of the family gives you all the possibilities.